Invisible Grill Material

Invisible grill material

Invisible grill material
Invisible Grill is an in advanced grill system that provides security for your family, especially children, and it doesn’t affect the overall appearance of your home. It is made of high-quality Invisible grill material - SS cable (316L GRADE), coated with Nano-technology membrane for extra protection against wear and tear. It is anti-dust and does not need regular maintenance. It is the contemporary, secure grill system for your family.
Invisible Grille Concept
Invisible Grille Concept - Safe and modish setting for their home and lifestyle, Window and Balcony Grille protection and safety for children
Invisible grille installation
Invisible grille installation requires the utmost precision. The Invisafe installation team is regularly trained by our partners from Singapore to ensure that you get the best, durable results.
Whether you want the grilles to be installed: (a) horizontally or vertically; (b) with gap space of 2 inches or 4 inches, we do the installation exactly the way you want. In addition to the same, any installation is taken forward only after a professional audit from our management, taking into account the final aesthetics and security of the protected space.
Right from the inspection to completion, our team makes sure to keep you in the loop for every step, so that there are no expensive surprises in the end. All in all, it takes 5 hours to install our grilles, in a standard balcony of 150 sq. ft.
And to top it all, we provide a 5-year warranty on our grilles.


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