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Invisible Grill Manufacturers

Invisible Grill Manufacturers .
We are the best Invisible Grill Manufacturers in pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad. In time installing invisible grills in commercial buildings and residential apartments to secure small children and pets.
The Invisible Grill is the excellent alternative for security purposes. It is mostly intended for an enhancement of exterior decors and interior decors of your home so that you can enjoy the unobstructed view of nature.
We are advance into a novel era with high demand from the end-user; we are pleased to present Invisible Grill which offers end users better visibility as compared to traditional grills without compromising security concerns. As a good point, it provides a safe environment for your loved ones while enjoying see-through panoramic views. With anything else, the facade and design of most homes are significantly compromised. Being invisible grill, looking into this new grill means you are now able to enjoy the outside view in a totally non-obscured manner.
Traditional iron grilles have failed to keep up with time.
To give you some context, these grilles are now being banned from newly constructed highrise buildings. And no, it is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for serious challenges posed by them, such as lack of escape routes during emergencies.
In search of a viable alternative, invisible grilles were invented.
Invisible vs. Traditional Grilles
Here's why you should consider it:
- Made of one of the toughest metal, i.e. 316 Stainless Steel (SS), these grilles can withstand up to 234 kgs of weight, while maintaining the beauty of your home.
- These cannot be cut by normal scissors, despite being very thin. So, in case you have a cute-yet-mischievous kid at home, you are covered.
- Our invisible grilles, being 316 SS (stainless steel), serve great even for security purposes. It can be broken easily with special cutters, which are provided to you, post-installation.
- Finally, they also prevent birds and rodents from entering, if installed with a gap of 2 inches.
Invisible Grilles Offering
We customise the invisible grilles based on your requirement:
1. Fixed Panel
These are drilled on to the concrete walls of balconies and bedrooms.

2. Frame Fixed
These are for units without a concrete wall. For e.g. indoor balconies, staircases, and room dividers.

3. Casements
These are installed in smaller compartment areas, for e.g. windows, air conditioners and kitchens.

Installation Process

Installing invisible grilles requires the utmost precision. The InviSafe installation team is regularly trained by our partners from Singapore to ensure that you get the best, durable results.
Whether you want the grilles to be installed: (a) horizontally or vertically; (b) with gap space of 2 inches or 4 inches, we do the installation exactly the way you want. In addition to the same, any installation is taken forward only after a professional audit from our management, taking into account the final aesthetics and security of the protected space.
Right from the inspection to completion, our team makes sure to keep you in the loop for every step, so that there are no expensive surprises in the end. All in all, it takes 5 hours to install our grilles, in a standard balcony of 150 sq. ft.
And to top it all, we provide a 5-year warranty on our grilles.

So, forget about precautions and maintenance. Simply focus on enjoying the crystal-clear view with your loved ones.


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